Siete Machos Scented Candle to get rid of bad vibes, attract good luck, and bring in new opportunities into your life

Siete Machos is the candle you need to light when things are not going your way. This candle is powerful enough to get rid of bad vibes, attract good luck, and bring in new opportunities into your life. It has a faint fragrance that lasts for hours.

In certain spiritual and folk traditions, "Siete Machos" is often associated with a type of spiritual cologne or anointing oil used for various purposes. The name suggests strength, power, and masculinity. It is believed to have properties that attract good luck, enhance personal magnetism, and provide protection.

The use of "Siete Machos" products can vary, and they are often employed in rituals, spells, or personal care practices within certain spiritual or cultural contexts. Keep in mind that beliefs and practices associated with such products can vary widely among different cultural and spiritual traditions. If you have specific questions about the use or significance of "Siete Machos" in a particular context, it may be helpful to consult someone knowledgeable in the relevant spiritual or cultural tradition.

7 goats representing on the one hand the Kabbalistic and good luck number 7 and on the other hand goats symbolize strength and perseverance. All these symbols supported in a red bar that symbolizes love, essential substance of the human relationship.

You can light a candle and make a request for any kind of luck you want. It's guaranteed to work! There are also candles for getting rid of bad vibes, curing fears, and anything else you need help with.

Use this candle with faith. Turn it on with matches asking for everything you need for your life, while it is lit focus on your requests and it will help you on your way without a doubt.

Created in 1930 based on a great variety of essences, 7 male flowers and natural extracts by indigenous Mexicans, who mixed for this different aroma.



**All spiritual products of any type are sold as a curio and meant to be for entertainment purposes only, and in no way constitute legal, financial, medical or other advice. Information within this site is metaphysical in nature and is by no means medical**

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Smells good

Love this candle and it’s smelling
I use it when I’m mediating just give a warm feeling inside xxx


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