Magnetic Sand- Iron Filings -(Limadura) to draw money and love

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Unleash the true power of your lodestones with Magnetic Sand also known as
"comida piedra iman".

Our high-quality iron filings, also known as lodestone food, are the secret to enhancing the magnetic fields and revitalizing the energy around your precious lodestone stones.

Sprinkle a touch of magic on your lodestones with these magnetic sand particles to help boost your manifestation power. Feed your lodestones regularly to help keep it energized and prevent it from being energetically "starved" as part of your spellwork, charms, gris-gris bags, and similar magic.

Keep your stones "happy" and energized by gently feeding them with a light dusting of our iron filings.

Elevate your manifestation practices and experience the full potential of your crystals with Magnetic Sand may also be use to dress your lodestones, candles and mojo bags.



98-99% Pure Magnetite sourced from Mexico

Magnetic Sand is helpful in Attraction of:
* Money
* Wealth
* Blessings
* Prosperity
* Love
* Luck
* Gambling/Games of Chance

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