Rue (Colognia Ruda) Cologne 7.5oz

Rue (Colognia Ruda) Cologne 7.5oz

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Feel down and out on your luck? Just want a nice, mild, inticing scented cologne? Crusellas & Company's Agua de Ruda is the cologne you have been looking for.

Rue water is said to help ward off evil and help a person's fortune. This cologne is formulated from the sacred Rue plant. The scent is intoxicating to anyone who catches a whiff. The mild garden fragrance makes it a wonderful aftershave for men.

The scent of Crusellas & Company's rue water and calming properties help to make this refreshing to use after a hot shower or bath. Rue Water cologne is a versatile cologne that will have you receiving compliments and becoming irresistible to anyone around you.

When poured into bath water Rue water is said to be very effective in breaking the influence of any hex or curse that has been cast upon you. Sprinkling Rue Water around the house has been regarded from the earliest times as successful in warding off evil influence, and curses.

    External use only. May be flammable.

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    Suggested Uses:
    Splash into corners of home before smoke cleansing a space
    Wear as protective aid against reattachments before cleansing spaces, or against unwanted attachments when out of the home (especially when visiting cemeteries) dab onto wrists, bottoms of feet, palms, & top of head
    Cleansing baths
    Use it to cleanse your hands from energetic debris, the back of your neck, the third eye, your crown, and soles of your feet!

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