Myrrh HEM Aromatic Sticks

Myrrh Incense 20 Stick, HEM

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Myrrh is one of the oldest incense in the world. It has been used for meditation, protection, purification, and consecration by countless cultures. Burn this incense along with Frankincense in your home to purify and cleanse your surroundings.

Suggested Use: Burn during New Moon rituals, during money spells, or when you feel that you need to call in good fortune. For maximum results pair with our 

Each box comes with approximately 20 sticks each of incense.

If you would like to learn more about the use of incense and powders check out Magic with Incense & Powders By Anna Riva

HEM brand incense is made from select woods, resins, and oils in a charcoal base. See our other varieties of incense sticks.

.:.DISCLAIMER.:. This product is sold as a curio ONLY and we make absolutely NO CLAIMS or GUARANTEES that it will produce any tangible results whatsoever. Buyer assumes all responsibility for purchase and releases the seller from all liability. Sold for entertainment purposes ONLY. None of Shop Cosmic Healing's herbs, roots, or elements is meant for consumption or medical use.

Intentions: Healing, Balance, Blessing
Powers: Abundance, Comfort, Manifestation
Helps with: Breaking Hexes, Easing Heartbreak, Spiritual Growth
Scent: woody, warm, aromatic and pungent, and slightly medicinal

What is a Mojo?

A charm bag/sachet is simply a magic spell inside a bag and the most popular way of carrying power items with you.
It is intended to be carried inside your left pocket or in your purse on the left side! Money drawing sachets are created under the energy of Jupiter day, the day ruled by luck and expansion for optimal esoteric power!