Jesus Malverde 7 Color to call upon him for help, guidance or protection

Jesus Malverde “El Rey Guei de Sinaloa” has earned a Robin Hood type image.  His intercession is sought by those with troubles of various kinds.  Use Jesus Malverde products when you need to call upon him for help, guidance or protection.

A genuine modern-day Robin Hood, purportedly pilfering from the affluent during the Porfiriato period to redistribute wealth to the less fortunate, or perhaps a mythic character sensationalized and exaggerated by narcotraficantes (drug traffickers) seeking justification for their deeds? The enigmatic persona of Malverde is undeniably controversial within Mexican culture. Delving into the intricacies of the so-called 'narco saint,' here's a comprehensive exploration.

Malverde frequently emerges as a symbol of aspiration for those daringly traversing the perilous US border illegally. Often linked with equally contentious 'saints' such as Santa Muerte and San Judas Tadeo, Malverde encapsulates a complex and divisive narrative.

Extending beyond the borders of Sinaloa, Malverde assumes the role of a folk hero and harbinger of fortune (be it favorable or adverse, contingent on one's perspective) in various locales along the Latin American drug trade route. Noteworthy is his presence with a chapel in both Cali, Colombia, and Los Angeles, accompanied by an unofficial shrine in Colonia Doctores, Mexico City.

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