HEM Fairy Dreams Incense Sticks

Fairy Dreams Incense - HEM

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Let This Eternal Fragrance Lift You Away To A Magical Experience! Fairies love the sweet fragrance of Jasmine that scents the night air growing wild in a moonlit forest. Whilst honey produced by their friends, the bees, is their favorite flavor.

For more on how to use incense in ritual shop our books Magic with Incense and Powders.

HEM brand incense is made from select woods, resins, and oils in a charcoal base. See our other varieties of incense sticks.

.:DISCLAIMER:. This product is sold as a curio ONLY and we make absolutely NO CLAIMS or GUARANTEES that it will produce any tangible results whatsoever. Buyer assumes all responsibility for purchase and releases the seller from all liability. Sold for entertainment purposes ONLY. None of Shop Cosmic Healing's herbs, roots, or elements is meant for consumption or medical use.

-Quality incense from HEM
one of the leading incense makers in India
-1 Box containing 20 gram (around 20 sticks each) tubes of incense
-Burn time: 20 mins approximately

Use to connect your mind, body, spirit with the ethereal energies of the Fae to assist you in meditation, manifestation, and relaxation.

What is a Mojo?

A charm bag/sachet is simply a magic spell inside a bag and the most popular way of carrying power items with you.
It is intended to be carried inside your left pocket or in your purse on the left side! Money drawing sachets are created under the energy of Jupiter day, the day ruled by luck and expansion for optimal esoteric power!