Yerba Santa Smudge Bundle
yerba santa Spiritual Cleansing Ritual
Burning Yerba Santa
Yerba Santa Smudge Bundle
yerba santa Spiritual Cleansing Ritual
Burning Yerba Santa

Yerba Santa (Holy Herb) Smudge Sticks

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Our Yerba Santa smudge sticks are made from an herb that translates into ‘Holy Herb’. Our quality herbs are crimped, hand-rolled, and then dipped in beeswax. This makes for a strong and aromatic smudge stick that can be used in ceremonies or your home (or office!). 

Yerba Santa is a sacred plant which is said to have many healing properties and can be used for a variety of rituals and ceremonies. Our smudge sticks also make a great gift, perfect for anyone wanting to honor our ancestor spirits!

This is a great smudge to use when you are looking to start a meditation as it aids in finding your innermost self. Yerba Santa is also great for burning before starting a spiritual journey. It is also great for spiritual cleansing rites. The burning of Yerba can give one encouragement and courage to face what needs to be done.

Traditionally used as a smudge or incense for protection and setting boundaries, Yerba Santa has also been used for love, purification, growth, empowerment and beauty, and the release of emotional pain stored in the heart chakra. Yerba Santa is burned to honor ancestors, increase psychic powers, and bring healing and protection. Uplifting scent.

Also called: Holy Weed, Mountain Balm, Consumptive's Weed, Gum Bush, Bear's Weed, Sacred Herb, Sacred Weed.

.:.NOTE: Spiritual products are not meant to replace conventional medicine, but rather to complement and enhance it. Information within this site is metaphysical in nature and is by no means medical. Herbs should only be used with the understanding that they are not an independent therapy, but rather are just part of a holistic healing approach to wellness. We do not make any claims and sell only as a curio.:.

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