HEM Good Health Hand Rolled Incense Sticks

Good Health Incense Sticks, HEM

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Hem Good Health a natural grassy scent with a touch of juniper and pine. Good health incense helps prevent colds and is good for stress relief and fatigue.

Hem is world famous for their traditional Indian incense as well as a wide variety of other fine fragrances. 

Pack of 20.

Do not leave incense, candles and/or charcoal disks burning unattended.

HEM natural incense sticks guarantees a mesmerizing fragrance that is bound to last long. These raw incense sticks present the essence in its purest form. Their perfume is bound to change the ambience at home.

Hem Incense and scented sticks creates pleasant ambience and lifts up your mood

Incense Type: Incense Sticks
Scent: Woody and Fresh aroma of green leaves
Hand crafted in India
Contains 20 sticks
Burn time 30-35 minutes
Pack of 1 - 120 Sticks
Dimensions: 25.6x9.3x6 cm
Weight: 299 g

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