Forgiveness Bath

Forgiveness Bath

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Struggling in your relationship? Struggling to forgive? Struggling to make it work? This bath is for you. There's nothing more damaging to a relationship than lingering resentment. Forgiveness Bath is made with a blend of essential oils, herbs, and prayers that will help repair your heart and open your mind to forgiveness. It's the perfect way to lighten the mood after an argument, reconnect with your partner, or simply feel better after a bad day.

Just soak in the tub and let the herbs and prayers wash away your worries. The gentle aroma of lavender and rose will fill your heart with love and forgiveness, so you can move on with forgiveness in your heart. 

Forgiveness is hard work. That's why we created the Forgiveness Bath to help you heal along the way. This bath will help relieve the stress that comes with forgiving someone for their past transgressions, and give your spirit an energetic lift. Fill it with epsom salt, leave the water to churn, and soak in a hot bath for 30 minutes.

Soak away your anger, resentment, and hurt.Relax and forgive. Let go of the past and move on with a new future. Prepare yourself for a new start.

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