Black Magic 20 Sticks Incense HEM

Black Magic 20 Sticks Incense HEM

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Remove negative energy and protect your home with the help of Black Magic Incense Sticks. HEM Black Magic is based on Patchouli with strong florals and earthy base notes. A strong spicy scent with hints of vanilla and cinnamon. Great for use during rituals, spell workings, or to just naturally scent your home! Add to your own personal altar kits to take your incense with you on the go.

Package includes approximately 20 sticks.

What is a Mojo?

A charm bag/sachet is simply a magic spell inside a bag and the most popular way of carrying power items with you.
It is intended to be carried inside your left pocket or in your purse on the left side! Money drawing sachets are created under the energy of Jupiter day, the day ruled by luck and expansion for optimal esoteric power!