Anna Riva Rose Water - 2 oz To Attract Love, Passion, Romance

Anna Riva Rose Water - 2 oz To Attract Love, Passion, Romance

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Immerse yourself in the delicate yet potent fragrance of roses, enveloped by the elevating aura of this enchanting elixir. Anna Riva Rose Water stands as an indispensable companion for those in pursuit of love and tenderness, a radiant force that beckons affection into your life. 

Evoke the essence of love and affection, while ushering in an energy of positivity and promise into your existence. Use this rose water as a cleansing wash, a revitalizing bath addition, or a delicate body application, infusing your senses with a gentle and rejuvenating fragrance.

Rose water is a versatile elixir, unfolds its potential in a myriad of ways. Its transformative touch can cleanse candles, ritual implements, furnishings, currency, and various other articles. In the sanctum of your ritual space, rose water assumes a paramount role, becoming one of the quintessential tools at your disposal. Through the act of cleansing candles, crystals, amulets, and talismans, the ordinary is transmuted into the extraordinary, infused with magical energy and potency. Rose water, steeped in the essence of botanicals and herbs, carries distinct esoteric or symbolic significance, seamlessly merging into spiritual practices and spellcraft.

Guidance follows: Gently anoint your wrists, the nape of your neck, your ankle, or your collarbone. Within this ritual, foster a connection with your inner reservoir of personal strength. Revisit this act regularly, anointing yourself on a daily basis or whenever the need arises, until the last drop graces the bottle. Extend this rite to encompass objects like a mojo bag, lottery ticket, photograph, or figurine. These versatile colognes unveil an array of spiritual applications, securing their role as indispensable assets within myriad mystical pursuits.

2 fl. oz. (59ml) plastic bottle

Used to protect from evil and enemies. Also a wonderful uplifting refreshing scent that can be used on your body or in your bath. Rose Water is used by all to attract love and affection.

Roses, universally are synonymous with love and romance, also carry connotations of secrecy and confidentiality. Their symbolism extends further to encompass balance, embodying promises, new beginnings, and a beacon of hope. Woven into narratives across diverse global religions, roses stand as a testament to miraculous love manifesting within the realm of humanity. Within ancient mythologies, these blossoms stand as enduring symbols of eternal love, illuminating the interactions between deities and mortals.

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