Seven Saints (Siete Santos) for guidance from the heavens

Burn 7 Saints 7 Color Candle to call upon the Saints for guidance when trying to solve any issues you are facing in your life.

Looking to invite peace, prosperity, and good fortune into your life? Your search ends here with our 7 Day Glass Candle 7 Color - 7 Saints! This magnificent candle boasts seven vibrant hues and is adorned with images of seven influential saints, each bestowing their unique blessings. For Assistance from the 7 Saints: Saint Peter, Saint Anthony, Saint Joseph, Blessed Martin, Saint Michael, Saint Jude, Blessed Mary, and at center powerful Just Judge. 

Whether you're in pursuit of financial abundance, emotional healing, or spiritual guidance, this candle has all bases covered. Simply ignite it and bask in its gentle radiance as it infuses your surroundings with positive vibrations and focused intentions. Each passing day, you'll be reminded of the potent energies at work, assisting you in materializing your deepest aspirations and embracing your fullest potential.

Crafted from premium materials and engineered to burn steadily for seven consecutive days, this candle makes a splendid addition to any household or sacred space. Don't delay—claim your 7 Day Glass Candle 7 Color - 7 Saints today and immerse yourself in the profound transformation this ancient practice has to offer! Illuminate your life with our 7 Day Glass Candle 7 Color - 7 Saints now.

For best results pair with our 7 Archangel incense sticks.



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