Seven Chakra Carved Wood Box 7.5"x7.5"x4"(h)

Upgrade your tarot card game with the exquisite Seven Chakra Carved Wood Box! This stunning, hand-carved box is not only a beautiful accessory but also a practical solution to keep your cards safe and secure. No more worrying about damaged or misplaced cards!

Crafted with love, this large wooden box features brass hinges for added durability. The highlight is the intricately carved Seven Chakra brushed Antique Finish, adding a touch of elegance to your tarot rituals.

Not just limited to tarot cards, this versatile box can also be used to store jewelry, board game cards, and more. It's spacious enough to accommodate a Reider Waite tarot deck with room to spare or even a combination of tarot and small oracle decks. You'll have everything you need in one place.

With its compact size of 7.5"x7.5"x4" (h), it's perfect for taking your cards on the go without any worries about them getting damaged or lost. Plus, it's designed to fit easily in your bag or backpack.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to elevate your card-carrying style! Order the Seven Chakra Carved Wood Box today and experience the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics. Take pride in showcasing your tarot cards in this stunning box or use it as a thoughtful gift for fellow enthusiasts. Hurry, limited stock available!

Type: storage box, jewelry box, tarot box, oracle deck box, crystal box
Color: Wooden Antique Finish
Material: Wood
Size: 7.5"x7.5"x4"(h)
Pattern: 7 Chakra design and owl eye bordered edges
Quantity: 1pc
Handmade: India

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