Mexican St. Benedict Black Bracelet

Our Benedict Medal Bracelet is a way to keep the devil at bay and remember the safety net of God. This simple and elegant bracelet is woven with black cotton thread, decorated with a silver Saint Benito medal. 

The Benedict medal is a powerful symbol of stability and courage. It's also a reminder to be mindful of the day to day blessings that come our way.

Whether you're a lost soul looking for comfort, or a seeking spiritual protection and reassurance, our Benedict Medal Bracelet is perfect for you. This stainless steel Catholic medal is engraved with "Saint Benedict Against All Evil" and cross on one side. Wear this as a sign of your faith, to protect yourself from all evil.  It's a modern way to stay safe in today's society, and a thoughtful gift for religious people.

This bracelet is adjustable and can be tied to fit most wrist sizes. The weave of the thread creates a beautiful pattern that will last for years with proper care.

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