Peach Selenite Puffy Hearts

Peach Selenite is a beautiful selenite stone that's been cut and polished into a unique puffy heart. It is said to be a transformational stone, bringing in lots of light for healing, but with the added color of peaches from the Sahara desert, it assists grounding, healing emotions, self-esteem, and confidence.

If you're looking for a stone that really helps you shine from the inside out, Peach Selenite is for you! It is a powerful crystal, capable of transforming negative energy into positive energy. It has been used for centuries in Ancient Egypt and by Native American shamans, and gets its color from the Sahara sand!

With a soft pastel hue, Peach Selenite is a beautiful piece for your collection. Let's be honest, it's not just a pretty stone! After being mined from the earth, Peach Selenite is ground to create a powder that can be added to bath water for purification. This process also helps with emotional healing.

**Due to this item being handmade, please expect slight variations from the photo. These tools are hand carved from natural stone and may have very minor imperfections/variations.**


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