Heart Brass Incense Burner 3"

Our heart shaped brass charcoal burner, is a unique and stylish way to burn your favorite incense resins while keeping the air in your home peaceful. Using an ancient technique of burning incense by heating it with a piece of charcoal, this Brass Charcoal Burner is 

Use our Heart-shaped Brass Burner to create an atmosphere of peace and tranquility in your home. Each burner is designed with a heart-shaped opening on the sides.

Once you start burning high-quality incense resins, your house will have a unique fragrance that will be inviting to divine energies. Stop burning candles or using artificial scents, and get yourself this nifty tool for an incredibly connection with source.

This listing is for one incense burner, incense resin sold separately.

Product Details: 

  • Material: Brass
  • Handmade: India
  • Measurement: 3" in height 


Pair with our 3 Kings charcoal, Tongsturkey feather smudge feather or pheasant feather smudge. 

It is necessary to place the burner on a heat resistant surface. Even with sand beneath the charcoal, the brass will still get hot. Do NOT touch the burner with bare hands until the charcoal has been out for a while.


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