Golden Rose Antique Finish Wooden Box 5x8"

Introducing the Golden Rose Antique Finish Wooden Box, a stunning and spacious hand carved masterpiece that will elevate your card-carrying game to new heights. Crafted with love and precision, this box boasts brass hinges and a brushed Antique Finish that exudes timeless elegance.

This versatile box is designed to meet all your storage needs. Safely store your precious tarot cards, jewelry, or even board game cards with ease. Its generous 5x8" dimensions ensure ample space for your treasures, while the Golden Rose carving adds a touch of beauty and charm.

Fret not about fitting your beloved Reider Waite tarot deck - this box offers room to spare, giving you the freedom to add a small oracle deck alongside it. Need visual confirmation? Take a look at our photos for reference and see the perfect fit for yourself.


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