Flower of Life Copper Offering Bowl 3"D

The Flower of Life Copper Offering Bowl 3"D is a quality copper piece for your altar, home, or ritual space. It's used to hold water, incense, oils, money, food offerings, prayers, and more. The beautiful organic shape of the bowl is made of durable solid copper with a patina finish.

They can even be used as incense burners simply line with aluminum foil and place sand or rice on the bottom and place a charcoal disc over. Always make sure to place on a heat safe surface and not leave it unattended. 

Product Details:

  • Size: 2"(h)x 3"(w)
  • Material: Solid Copper With Brass Decoration
  • Handmade: India

Available in:

Smudge Bundles are also available.

While smudging, I recommend opening windows to invite positive energy in and let negative energy out!

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