Door Opener (Abre Puertas) Candle- 7 Colors: Clear blockages, remove obstructions, open roads to success, love, money and work

Use 7 day 7 Color Abre Puertas Candle before starting a new venture to ensure path ways are open and clear of obstacles. 

  • Clear blockages and remove obstructions
  • Open roads to success
  • Attract opportunities in success, love, money and work

For Maximum effect, it is wise to burn at least 3 of these candles. My recommendation is to utilize 1 Saint Candle (who you'll offer the petition to) & 1 other candle that will add energy to the petition. Burn at a quiet time, when you can concentrate on your desires. 

This candle is available as is or as a spiritual blessed candle dressed with herbs, oils, & prayers.


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