Devotions To the Saints By Anna Riva Mysticism

Devotions to the Saints by Anna Riva answers such questions as what a Saint is, what makes a Saint, can prayers to Saints help one's personal life and is there a personal patron Saint for everyone?  Lives of the Saints- Brief biographies of 122 Saints and prayers for specific purposes to particular Saints.  Prayers to and by the saints for hundreds of problems, situations, health conditions and special purposes. Gives the Patron Saint of 249 businesses, groups, jobs, trades, or professions. 190 special purposes for which the saints can be called upon for help. 

Why another book on the saints? This one hopes to offer an approach not taken by other authors. This volume will give you a brief sketch of their lives so that their personal circumstances and their triumphs over temptations and tribulations may prove an inspiration to the reader. Which saints can be asked to intercede for various health conditions, the patron saints of your job, and the special aid certain saints can offer for particular situations are covered. -Anna Riva


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