Court Case (Caso de Corte)- White: For Victory In Legal Issues, Police Problems, Court Cases, restraining orders, etc.

Do you want to win? Burn this white court candle in the courtroom before the verdict. The Court Case Candle is made with paraffin wax and is sure to have a positive influence on the court's judgment.

Court Case candle is the first candle specifically designed for court cases. The smell of a dressed Court Case candle makes it easier for your lawyer to win your case! It also makes the judge more lenient, which could be a very important factor in your final verdict. Burn a Court Candle for any court case and get a positive result!

For Maximum effect, it is wise to burn at least 3 candles on a Sunday for success or Tuesday for Victory. My recommendation is to utilize 1 Saint Candle either Most Helping HandSaint Jude, or Just Judge (who you'll offer the petition to) & 2 other related candles that will add energy to the petition can be Court CaseWin Court CaseLaw Stay AwayTapa Boca.  Burn this Court Case set for any court case and get a positive result!

Pair with our Most Powerful Helping Hand Soap

This candle is available as is or as a spiritual blessed candle dressed with herbs, oils, & prayers. 


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