Chime Candle 4"
Chime Candle 4"
Chime Candle 4"
Chime Candle 4"
Chime Candle 4"
Chime Candle 4"
Chime Candle 4"
Chime Candle 4"

Chime Candle 4"

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Color Light Blue
Route Protection

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These 4" Candles are great for creating a soft, welcoming glow. Whether you need to set an intention or conduct a quick ritual, put the finishing touches on an altar setup, complete a spell or ritual, or just appease your sense of decor with these little candles that are perfect for any occasion.

These candles are sure to fill your home with an inviting light to guide you. They also help to set the mood and atmosphere you desire. The candles are made from natural beeswax and essential oils, which will help to create a feeling of peace and warmth in your home. 

Please be aware that on occasion the candles may come with minor 'dings' or marks.

We pack them together in one bag so a color may rub against another color.

We understand they are not 'perfect' but they are great, low cost, candles suitable for a variety of your ritual needs!

Never leave burning candles unattended!!

These unscented candles are perfect for rituals, prayers, blessings and spell work. Work with the power of the colors to enhance your work.

-Black: Absorbing Negativity
-Brown: Protection against Psychic Attack & Earth
magic, grounding
-Blue: Success, Healing
-Green: Wealth, fertility, prosperity
-Gray: Uncrossing, neutralize
-Lavender: Meditation
-Pink: True Love, friendship
-Purple: Protection, Success in legal matters
-Orange: Control, legal matters, attraction
-Red: Sexual potency, passion, love
-White: Purity, truth, sincerity, peace
-Yellow: Creativity, confidence

Day of the week:
Sunday – Yellow
Monday – White
Tuesday – Red
Wednesday – Purple
Thursday – Blue
Friday – Green
Saturday – Black

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