Blue Square Añil Square (Tableta De Añil) For Gambling Luck & Spiritual Purification

The Blue Añil Tablets also known as Añil Modamo, Añil Bluestone, Lucky Blue Squares, Bluestone, or Añil in Latin American countries are a Hoodoo and Latin Spirituality remedy useful for gambling luck as well as spiritual purification to get rid of unwanted energies, to get rid of enemies, evil eye, for protection from enemies and evil.

They can be used to cleanse and purify a space and rid a space of low entities, attachments, and malevolent spirits.

Use Blue Añil Tablets when you're feeling uncomfortable in your current space or when you're not feeling safe.

Add a tablet to a bucket of mop water along with Florida Water and Holy Water and use it clear the house of negativity when they mop prior to spiritual work.


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