Ancestor Money (Variety Set 50, 10, 98)

Ancestor Money is paper money that is burned on your ancestral altar to honor your lineage. Ancestor Money is used to send energetic currency to your lineage to use to pay for their debts on the other side. To learn more about Ancestor Money read our blog post here

It has different names depending on the cultural tradition some of its common names are ghost money, spirit money, Joss paper, hell notes (mistranslation), heaven notes etc. Most of them will have the image of the Jade Emperor. The Jade Emperor is a Higher God in the Taoist pantheon and is considered the deity over all money on earth.

This ritual is most common in Asian cultures and is abundantly used in funerals to honor the dead and during the hungry ghost festival. The significance of doing this is that you are making a deposit into the spiritual world at the beginning of your day. When people want to have financial freedom, they deposit money into the bank so that they may draw upon it when the time is necessary.

For maximum results at the start of your day before you do anything go to your altar and light your ancestor money.

DO NOT BURN REAL MONEY!!! Burning real money will result in you jinxing yourself as real money carries a different energy!

One Pack:
- 50 million includes 25 sheets of ancestor money.
- 10 trillion includes 25 sheets of ancestor money.
- 98 trillion includes 25 sheets of ancestor money.

Set: Pack of 3 25 packs 
Jumbos: Include 3 sheets

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