Agate Gemstone Saint Benedict Rosary Bracelet

Repel Evil Eye with St.Benedict amulet. This is a gorgeous rosary style bracelet features agate gemstone beads and features Saint Benedict medal. 

In energy work, this bracelet can become a talisman and charged with energies that are to protect the wearer. It is believed that the left side of the body is the receiving side, so wearing it on the left side allows the receiving of good fortunes and luck to come to you. You may purchased a blessed amulet or purchase it plain and use as is without it being charged.

Agate stones are banded in stripes or layers and part of the Chalcedony family. Agate has the power to harmonize Yin and Yang energies, to balance the opposing forces which hold all matter in place. It also brings great strength to the wearer or bearer, although one must accept that this stone works slowly over time. 

Bead Size: 4mm
Gemstone: Agate
Tie: Elastic
Bracelet is a 4mm gemstone size and fits a wrist size 17cm-19cm

It is said that if your gemstone bracelet breaks it is for 3 reasons:
- It was trying to protect you
- It was done helping you heal
- It was not the right stone for you
Please use your own intuition to decide which was the reason for it breaking.

St. Benito is a Catholic Saint & Patron of protection from the evil one (the devil, enemies, frenemies, psychic attacks). Because of the prayers of Saint Benedict and his medal's indulgences, this is a very efficacious bracelet for spiritual protection, and a reminder of the spiritual battle taking place between heaven and hell for the eternal possession of our souls.

Feast Day: July 11th
Day of the week: Sunday
Emblem: Raven & Broken Cup
Candle Color: White

Assistance with:
Spiritual Protection
Exorcism of evil
Ending Fevers
Kidney Disease
Against Evil temptation
Increasing Faith
Prosperous Business
Safe child delivery
During Storms
Dangers from land & sea
Healing of sick animals
Assistance at time of Death
protection against contagious disease

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