Abre Camino Spiritual Bath Kit

Abre Camino Spiritual Bath to be used to cleanse your aura of the heavy past & all that has served its time! Have you experienced Bad luck? Lost your Job? Do you hate your job? Tired All the time?

This special blend of herbs utilizes the plant spirits to bring forth powerful healing. It has been created with the intention of lifting away all that has served its time and to welcome in new opportunities for positive energy, prosperity, love & healing for 2024.

Use it to cleanse your chakra points (ie, hands from energetic debris, the back of your neck, the third eye, your crown, and soles of your feet!) The bath will come with further instructions Net. 8 OZ perfect for one person. 

.:NOTE: The Aventurine bracelet from the photo is out of stock, you will receive a plain aventurine bracelet.:.



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