7 Days Incense Sticks -HEM

HEM 7 Days Incense sticks are seven different fragrances in each box (five sticks of one fragrance for each day of the week).

For more on how to use incense in ritual shop our books Magic with Incense and Powders.

HEM brand incense is made from select woods, resins, and oils in a charcoal base. See our other varieties of incense sticks.

.:Advisory:. This product is sold as a curio ONLY and we make absolutely NO CLAIMS or GUARANTEES that it will produce any tangible results whatsoever. Buyer assumes all responsibility for purchase and releases the seller from all liability. Sold for entertainment purposes ONLY. None of Shop Cosmic Healing's herbs, roots, or elements is meant for consumption or medical use.

Each pack contains seven pouches and each fragrance is labeled in its own pouch, and each pouch contains five incense sticks.

Combine the planetary magick and aromatics to create the ultimate connection with the ethereal energy to help you manifest your desires!

SUNDAY Incense: Lemon promotes stillness and peace.
MONDAY Incense: Amber enhances spiritual wisdom.
TUESDAY Incense: Rose denotes the strength of love and energy and has great effects on the heart.
WEDNESDAY Incense: Jasmine linked with love and the ability to freely give and receive this love.
THURSDAY Incense: Sandalwood Cleansing and Soothing.
FRIDAY Incense: Mandrin very mystical incense with powerful properties
SATURDAY Incense: Galipan very potent. It promotes the empowerment of spiritual knowledge.

The first day of the week is for incense fragrance Lemon in the blue packaging: This incense makes you think about yourself and peace for this day.

The second day of the week is for incense aroma Amber in the yellow packaging: This incense gives you spiritual wisdom and courage to combat discrimination for this day.

The third day of the week is for incense fragrance Rose in the pink packaging: This incense gives you the power of love, energy and is good at heart matters for this day.

The fourth day of the week is for incense fragrance Jasmine in the white package: This incense gives you love for this day and the capacity to receive this love without conditions.

The fifth day of the week is for incense smell Sandalwood in the green packaging: This incense provides for this day cleaning of your energy so that everything will look positive again.

The sixth day of the week is for incense fragrance Mandarin in the dark green / orange packaging: This incense gives possibilities for this day to do things, gives this day something mysterious.

The seventh day of the week is for incense fragrance Galipan in the violet-colored packaging: This incense provides for this day the promotion of spiritual knowledge through meditation, with the help of this incense fragrance.

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