Flower of Life Metal Burner/Cauldron 4"

The Flower of Life Metal Burner is a versatile burner that can be used in a variety of ways! The 3 legs and handle make it easy for you to place on any surface, ensuring that it's stable for use. This burner is perfect for uses in Rituals, Incense Burner, Altar bowl, Offering Bowl etc. 

Flower of Life metal cauldron is perfect for the mystical witch. If you are practicing any type of magic or spell work, this is the cauldron for you. The cauldron, like the chalice, is found in many goddess-oriented traditions of Wicca. It is feminine and womblike, the vessel in which life begins. Typically, it represents the element of Water on the altar. The ancient symbol of the Flower of Life is a geometric pattern, made up of numerous intersecting circles, that represents the most natural and basic form of life.

These gorgeous bowls are suited for traveling altars, small altars to hold offerings  such as herbs, stones, libations or any most any offerings. They can even be used as incense burners simply line with aluminum foil and place sand or rice on the bottom and place a charcoal disc over. Always make sure to place on a heat safe surface and not leave it unattended. 

There a number of magical ways you can use your cauldron:

  • Burn incense, candles, or offerings in it
  • Use it to represent the goddess of your tradition
  • Blend herbs in it for magical workings
  • Fill it with water and use it for moonlight scrying

Smudge Bundles are also available. Pair with a turkey feather smudge feather or pheasant feather smudge. 

While smudging, I recommend opening windows to invite positive energy in and let negative energy out!

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