Rustic Evil Eye Charm
Rustic Evil Eye Charm
Rustic Evil Eye Charm
Rustic Evil Eye Charm
Rustic Evil Eye Charm
Rustic Evil Eye Charm

Rustic Evil Eye Charm

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Style Blessed
Route Protection

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This beautiful, handmade Evil Eye Charm is sure to bring powerful protection to any space. The burlap cord gives it a chic and bohemian vibe.

The eye of Nazar is considered to be one of the most powerful symbols in the world. Bring protection, peace, and good luck into your life by hanging this exclusive Evil Eye charm whether it's hung above your door, an office desk, or anywhere you feel like you need protection; this eye will keep you safe from any negativity.

There are many different types of evil eye charms; one of the most popular is the Rustic Evil Eye Charm. This is the perfect charm for the person who wants to be completely grounded and try to avert any possible bad luck or curses, without it being ostentatious. This rustic-looking but powerful amulet is made with a burlap cord and glass beads based on traditional design.

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Material: Glass
Charm style: Turkish Evil Eye
Shape/pattern: Round

It is believed that there are three evil eyes:
(1) is the unconscious evil eye, which hurts people without intention.
(2) injury with intention
(3) invisible and the most feared
Evil Eye Beads are intended to reflect malicious energy back to the bystanders.
The blue color is believe to be what protects the wearer/user.

The best way to access this powerful protective energy is through strong faith, to be a firm believer in its protective powers to guide you on your life's journey.

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