Shut Up (Tapa Boca) Candle- Black to protect against bad people who might harm you

Burn Shut Up black candle to protect against bad people who might harm you with bad rumors and gossip that might affect your reputation in some way.

Shut The Mouths of All Enemies And Return all Jinx, Hex, Curses back to the sender that sent them. 

At some point of time or another we experience a gossiper, who wants to cause trouble in our lives because frankly their life is BORING. Sometimes, there are a variety of reasons that may be causing this to happen or simply you don't even know why this person can't seem to keep your name out of their mouth! And for various reasons  you from can't simply handle the matter face-to-face, or even civilly this is when we need Tapa Boca Energy. 

To learn more about the spiritual significance and meaning of burning black candles read our blog post here

For best results pair with our Shut up Spray

This candle is available as is or as a spiritual blessed candle dressed with herbs, oils, & prayers.

    .:Advisory:.This product is sold as a curio ONLY and we make absolutely NO CLAIMS or GUARANTEES that it will produce any tangible results whatsoever. Buyer assumes all responsibility for purchase and releases the seller from all liability. Sold for entertainment purposes ONLY. None of Shop Cosmic Healing's herbs, roots, or elements is meant for consumption or medical use.


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