Jinx Removing Blue Salt (Contra Sal Azul) 0.5oz

Blue Salt is used against bad luck and spells. Sprinkle around the outside of your home for protection against the evil eye and enemies.

Use to:

  • Create a barrier for home protection against evil spirits
  • Bless those under your charge 
  • Use as spiritual protection during travel 
  • for evil and breaking enemy work (especially "live things" or tricks under the skin)

Sprinkle outside home or in yard to drive away evil. Sprinkle near back and front door to keep away nosey or jealous neighbors. Put in bath to remove evil or spells on or inside you. Sprinkle in closets or corners of rooms to make the devil run and to remove any jinx or evil on you or your family. Or use as an All purpose Good luck/Protection Bath or Sprinkling salt.

For extra power combine with Blueing

“You are the salt of the earth; but if salt has lost its taste, how can its saltiness be restored? It is no longer good for anything, but is thrown out and trampled under foot” (Matt. 5:13)

As required by law, all items are sold as curios to preserve and teach the traditions of folklore and popular religion. 

1/2 oz. (14g)

This enchanting salt resonates with various aspects of the color blue, opening doors to:

🔹 Spiritual Healing: Embrace the healing embrace of blue salt, fostering spiritual rejuvenation and well-being.

🔹 Tranquility: Experience the soothing tranquility it offers, allowing you to find serenity amidst life's chaos.

🔹 Inspiration: Ignite your creative spark and draw inspiration from the deep blue energy.

🔹 Sorrow Alleviation: Let it gently alleviate sorrows and burdens, offering solace in your times of need.

🔹 Meditation: Elevate your meditation practice, as this salt facilitates a deeper connection with your inner self.

🔹 Inner Peace: Cultivate inner peace and harmony, aligning your spirit with the calm of the tranquil blue hues.

Blue Salt serves as a potent tool for a profound spiritual cleanse, removing impediments, internal fears, and obsessive energies that may hinder your spiritual growth and connection with divine forces.

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