Saint Benedict Medal with Rhinestone Protection Bracelet

Wear your faith with this beautiful Saint Benedict Bracelet! This Saint Benedict bracelet is a red thread, nylon cord bracelet with Saint Benedict medal surrounded with rhinestones. This is a great gift for someone who appreciates the Catholic faith and loves to wear red.

Sometimes you need a little luck to make your day. Get the most beautiful, unique, & powerful protection available when you wear this Saint Benedictine woven red thread bracelet. It's made of hand-woven red thread with a San Benito medal charm to give you protection at every turn.

This bracelet may be blessed & prayed over to imbue the wearer with powerful protection so long as they wear it.

.:.All spiritual products of any type are sold as a curio and meant to be for entertainment purposes only, and in no way constitute legal, financial, medical or other advice. Information within this site is metaphysical in nature and is by no means medical.:.

St. Benito is a Catholic Saint & Patron of protection from the evil one (the devil, enemies, frenemies, psychic attacks).

Why does the devil fear his medal? The short answer is that the devil fears the Lord. When a person carries the Saint Benedict Medal or the Saint Benedict Crucifix, it is a constant reminder to that person to think of Christ always, in effect, a continuous exorcism. Even at the mere mention of the name of Jesus Christ, the devil shrinks away.

Because of the prayers on the medal and indulgences, this is a very efficacious medal for spiritual protection, and a reminder of the spiritual battle taking place between heaven and hell for the eternal possession of our souls.

The use of sacramentals is never a replacement for living a holy life and remaining in a state of grace; rather, they are aids to help us persevere in our Catholic faith.

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