Quetzalcoatl Warrior Dagger 9"

The Standing Warrior Ceremonial Dagger is a beautifully detailed knife made with a black obsidian blade and a hand casted handle from resin and sand. This standing Warrior featured on the handle represents the guardian of the temple of Quetzalcoatl, the Aztec Feathered Serpent God. This imported art piece is made from flint knapped technique and is truly a work of art.

Standing Warrior Obsidian Athame Dagger is a gateway into the ancient past for those of us who've lost their way. Our ancestors hold an immense ability to connect us to the the world, use this knife as an offering to your Ancestor altar for protection or use in the opening/closing of sacred ceremonies. This graceful piece will make a great addition your altar, sacred space, office, or meditation room to help you find your grounding and reconnect with the earth.

Suggested Use:

  • Simply place this powerful totem at your ancestral altar, in front of your bed or in any space to provide you with spiritual protection.
  • Use to cut energetic cords/attachments
  • Use to open & close sacred ceremonies 
  • direct energy and draw boundaries

Spiritual Meaning of Knives:

Tecpatl, inspired of the Sacrificial Knife that was used to take away human Hearts. Note that in Aztec culture this wasn't just a simple knife, rather one of the most complex symbols of iconographic in the Aztec religion.

The knife has multiple meanings and it has big importance in their world, this is the reason for using it in their human sacrifice rituals. Besides it’s mythological function this knife was very useful, it had meanings in the Aztec calendar as a symbol, it was a lunar symbol and ruled over agricultural events.

The knife could also be used as a flint because of it’s material. It could be used to start a fire making it really useful when you were on a journey or whenever a quick fire is needed.

Product Details: 

  • Measurements:
  • Material: Obsidian, Resin, Sand
  • Handmade: Mexico 

Note: This is a piece of decorative memorabilia not intended to be used as a knife. 
Due to this item being handmade, please expect slight variations from the photo. These tools are hand carved from natural stone and may have very minor imperfections/variations.


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