Jesus Malverde Candle

Jesus Mal Verde

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A real-life Robin Hood, who stole from the rich of the Porfiriato period to give to the poor, or merely a fictional figure, over-hyped and over-exaggerated at the hands of narcotraficantes (drug traffickers) looking for a way to exonerate their actions? The figure of Malverde is polemic in Mexican culture to say the least. Here’s everything you need to know about the so-called ‘narco saint’.

Malverde is often a figure of hope for those illegally crossing the notoriously dangerous US border and is often connected with similarly controversial ‘saints’ like Santa Muerte and San Judas Tadeo.

Beyond Sinaloa, Malverde is also considered a folk hero and bringer of good luck (or bad, depending on your outlook), in several other locations on the Latin American drug-running route; he has a chapel in both Cali, Colombia and Los Angeles, as well as an unofficial shrine in Colonia Doctores, Mexico City.

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