Green Marbled Onyx Palmstone From Pakistan

These absolutely gorgeous green onyx tumbled palmstone with its deep green hue and gorgeous marble took my breath away at the Tucson Gem Show! They were purchased from a small business vendor bringing the best from Pakistan and we are so happy to share them with you all!

Green Onyx carries with it the primary properties of all forms of Onyx which are known for strength, willpower, and discipline.It is associated with the planet Mercury, which is known to represent intelligence, elevated brain power, and enhanced memory. Green Onyx is also known to repel negativity from the user. Wearing Green Onyx also has the effect of increased confidence. Its a very strong heart stone and will allow you to stand up and face anxiety when confronted with it, instead of allowing it to control you.

Type: tumbled palmstone
Color: Green Marble
Material: Green Marbled Onyx/Green Agate/Chalcedony Marble
Quantity: 1pc
Weight: 88g
Dimensions: 2 1/2" (l)x 2"(w)
Location: Pakistan

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