Black Salt (Sal Negra, Witches Salt) 1oz For Protection, Run Devil Run, Go Away Enemies

Black Salt (Sal Negra, Witches Salt) 1oz For Protection, Run Devil Run, Go Away Enemies

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Route Protection

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Keep away bad neighbors and unwanted individuals.

Back Salt, the ultimate spiritual weapon to cleanse and protect your energy. Harnessing the power of salt, this mystical tool is designed to help you ward off negative vibrations, banish evil entities, and transmute spells into higher dimensions.

With Black Salt, you have the ability to neutralize and balance energy, creating a harmonious atmosphere for spiritual growth. Whether you're dealing with negative energy, black magic, or unwanted attachments, this potent purifier is your go-to solution.

Not only does Black Salt absorb psychic energy, but it also acts as a conduit for wishes and intentions. Simply hold a pinch of salt in your hand, make your wish, and watch as it is released into the higher powers when thrown into a sacred fire or body of water.

But that's not all - Black Salt can also attract positive energy into your life. Use it in rituals or sprinkle it around your space to invite abundance, love, and prosperity.

Embrace the power of Black Salt and unlock a world of spiritual transformation. Experience its cleansing properties and witness how it can elevate your connection with higher realms. Take control of your energy and manifest positive vibrations with Black Salt today.

Also known as Witches Salt, our Black Salt (Sal Negra) is commonly used in spiritual and magical practices that focus on protection, banishing, and warding off witchcraft, negative energies or entities, or enemies.

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