Tiger's Eye 7 Chakra Healing Energy Bracelet

This is a beautiful bracelet with 7 chakra stones and a hamsa hand, made out of tiger's eye gemstone. The stones are known to help heal and balance one's chakras, and the hamsa is a symbol of protection. Perfect for anyone seeking inner peace and balance.

  • Associated Chakras: 2nd (Sacral Chakra) or 3rd (Solar Plexus Chakra)
  • Zodiac Signs: Virgo, Leo
  • Elements: Air, Earth
  • MANTRA: “I am motivated by my divine purpose and I manifest your vision with ease.”

The Tiger's Eye crystal gets its healing properties from a combination of the sun and Earth elements. This is what gives it both grounding and inspiring vibrations. Similar to a tiger’s stripes, Tiger’s Eye crystal has an appearance to match its powerful energy. Its bold coloration is just as bold as its healing properties, which work to balance toxic.

The courage-boosting, motivational energy that makes Tiger’s Eye so useful for overcoming fear also makes it a powerful tool for overcoming money blocks, making it one of our favorite crystals for wealth. The Tiger’s Eye crystal meaning keeps you focused and determined, even when obstacles arise. By challenging you to go after your financial goals, Tiger’s Eye supports you on your journey to attract wealth and success.

Hamsa hand recognized as a symbol of protection in every faith. It is carried like a talisman for evil eye protection and attracting health, fertility, fortune, wealth, and abundance to the owner.

Although the more particular hamsa hand meaning can vary from culture to culture.

Historically Hamsa was known as an amulet from ancient Middle Eastern and North African tradition. It first appeared in ancient Carthage (present-day Tunisia) and Mesopotamia (present-day Iraq). This palm symbol is also known as one of the oldest with a history that begins at least 1800 years ago.

People wear this amulet when they have trust in the Supreme Power no matter what is their preferred religious faith.

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