Harnessing the Power of Saint Expedite: Your Patron Saint of Swift Solutions

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In the realm of saints and divine intercession, there exists a figure who stands out as the patron of swift solutions and rapid assistance: Saint Expedite. Whether you're facing urgent projects, battling procrastination, or seeking abundance and prosperity, Saint Expedite is the saint to call upon. In this blog post, we will delve into the fascinating world of Saint Expedite, exploring his history, feast day, colors, offerings, and how you can seek his assistance through prayers and offerings.

Saint Expedite: A Quick Overview

Saint Expedite is renowned for his ability to get things done promptly. He is the patron of those who yearn for rapid solutions to their problems, wish to overcome delays, eliminate procrastination, break bad habits, and attain abundance and financial strength. He is also highly regarded by shopkeepers and sailors.

Feast Day of Saint Expedite

St. Expedite is often depicted in artwork stomping on a bird that is uttering the word "Cras," which means "tomorrow" in Latin, while he raises a cross inscribed with the word "Hodie," Latin for "today."

St. Expedite's conversion led to his martyrdom during the Diocletian persecution of Christians. He bravely met his fate on April 19, 303, in Melitene, Turkey. 

If you want to honor and connect with Saint Expedite, it's important to mark your calendar for his feast day, which falls on April 19th. 

Declared a martyr in 1781 in Italy, devotion to St. Expedite has endured since the Middle Ages. He is invoked to swiftly resolve legal and financial troubles, making him particularly popular in Europe and Latin America. In São Paulo, Brazil, vibrant celebrations in his honor grace his feast day on April 19.

In moments of urgency, let us turn to St. Expedite, imploring his intercession for our petitions.

Colors Associated with Saint Expedite

Colors often hold special significance in the world of saints, and Saint Expedite is associated with the colors red and yellow. These vibrant hues represent his energetic and proactive nature.

Offerings to Saint Expedite

When seeking Saint Expedite's assistance, it's customary to offer tokens of gratitude. Some of his favorite offerings include:

  • Flowers: Red flowers are a symbolic gesture of devotion and quick results.
  • Pound Cake: A sweet pound cake is a delicious offering that shows your appreciation.
  • Coins: Coins symbolize the rapid financial assistance that Saint Expedite can provide.
  • Red Wine: Red wine is a traditional offering that represents communion with the divine.
  • Hot Sweet Things: Saint Expedite has a sweet tooth for items like cinnamon candy, so consider including these in your offerings. 

Saint Expedite's Love for Publicity

One distinctive aspect of Saint Expedite is his affinity for publicity. Similar to Saint Jude, Saint Expedite often has classified ads placed in newspapers by grateful individuals who have experienced his miraculous assistance. The local newspaper's personal column frequently carries mentions of his name alongside Saint Jude, attesting to his popularity.

Working with Saint Expedite

You need to set up an altar. On the altar you will need a statue or a picture of Saint Expedite, a yellow candle and a glass of water. 

Light the candle, recite your prayer, Knock three times or ring a pleasant-sounding bell thrice. Then, call out to him with authority, akin to a commanding officer addressing a soldier. Convey your urgency, and let the intensity of your need and the unwavering strength of your faith in Saint Expedite's ability to grant your request fill the space. Clearly articulate your specific needs while setting a time frame for their fulfillment.

It's essential to express your gratitude and commitment by outlining what you're willing to offer in return when your request is granted.

Some suggest continuing this ritual for seven days, while others advocate for a nine-day practice.

Regarding traditional offerings, it is customary to present red roses, pound cake, three nickels or pennies, and a public expression of thanks once your wish is granted. Neglecting these gratitude offerings may risk losing the favor you received.

Leave the offerings on the altar for 24 hours, then take the pound cake crumble it and feed the birds, and offer the water to a tree.

If your request remains unfulfilled, no offering is required.

The methods for working with Saint Expedite can vary, and individuals often find what feels most natural for them. Some opt to keep a picture of Saint Expedite with a small amount of money in their sacred space, while others incorporate daily repetitions of specific prayers or invocations.

It's worth noting that some practitioners may find Saint Expedite to be somewhat particular or finicky in their interactions and requests. Like any spiritual practice, experiences can vary from person to person, and establishing a respectful and sincere connection with the saint is essential.

In cases where individuals encounter challenges or obstacles when working with Saint Expedite, it may be beneficial to seek guidance from experienced practitioners or spiritual leaders who have a deep understanding of the saint's traditions and nuances. Additionally, patience, dedication, and a genuine intention in your requests can go a long way in building a positive rapport with Saint Expedite.

Prayers to Saint Expedite

When you need urgent help, reciting a prayer to Saint Expedite can be a powerful way to seek his intercession. Here's a traditional prayer you can use:

"Saint Expedite, you who are the Holy Warrior, You who are the Saint of the afflicted and desperate, You who are the Saint of urgent causes, Protect me, help me, give me strength, courage, and serenity. Hear my plea. [State your request here.] Thank you, Saint Expedite, for your immediate help. Amen."

Prayer to Saint Expedite for Open Roads

"O Glorious Martyr, Saint Expedite through the endless love which our Lord planted in your heart, please remove from mine all the shackles tied by worldliness, that without them I may love only God in all eternity Amen."

Follow with 3 Our Fathers, One Blessed Mary, and One Hail Mary 


Trust, Faith, and Follow-Through

As you engage with Saint Expedite, maintain unwavering trust and faith that your urgent matter will be resolved swiftly. Believing in his intercession can strengthen your connection and intention. And once your request has been granted, don't forget to publicly express your gratitude to Saint Expedite. You can do so by lighting another candle, reciting a thanksgiving prayer, or sending a note of thanks to a church.


Saint Expedite is a remarkable saint who specializes in rapid solutions and assistance. Whether you're facing personal challenges or seeking quick results in various aspects of your life, his intercession can be a powerful force. By understanding his history, traditions, and the ways to connect with him through prayers and offerings, you can harness the power of Saint Expedite to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals with speed and efficiency.

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