The Ultimate Guide to Managing Venus Retrograde 2023

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Welcome to the intriguing world of astrology and celestial phenomena! One of the five planets currently in retrograde that is for sure capturing the attention of  astrologers and those on their spiritual healing journey is "Venus in Retrograde." As we delve into this celestial dance, we will uncover the secrets, meanings, and implications of this mesmerizing planetary motion. In this blog post, we will explore Venus in Retrograde, demystify its significance, and shed light on how it might influence our lives and how we can protect our intimate relationships.

What is Venus in Retrograde?

In the realm of astronomy, retrograde motion refers to the apparent backward movement of a planet in its orbit as observed from Earth. While planets usually move eastward across the night sky, they occasionally exhibit retrograde motion when Earth's orbital position makes them appear to reverse their path temporarily.

Venus, the second planet from the Sun and often referred to as Earth's sister planet due to its similarities in size and composition, goes into retrograde approximately every 18 months. During this period, it appears to move backward in the zodiac, leaving astrologers intrigued by its potential implications.

The Impact of Venus in Retrograde

Astrology enthusiasts believe that the planetary movements, including Venus in Retrograde, can influence our lives and emotions. Venus, as the ruler of love, relationships, beauty, and harmony, takes on a unique significance during this period. However, it's essential to remember that astrological interpretations are subjective, and the impact may vary for each individual.

1. Reflection on Relationships

Venus in Retrograde often prompts us to reevaluate our relationships and confront unresolved issues. It's a time to reflect on emotional connections, past loves, and areas in need of healing. During this period, it's not uncommon for people to experience shifts in their romantic lives, leading to reconciliations or closure.

2. Revisiting Self-Love and Inner Beauty

While Venus is associated with romantic love, this period also invites us to focus on self-love and appreciation. Take the time to pamper yourself, indulge in self-care routines, and explore activities that make you feel beautiful inside out.

3. Financial and Material Realignment

In astrology, Venus is also associated with finances and material possessions. Retrograde motion may bring about reevaluations in financial matters and prompt us to reconsider our spending habits. It's a time to be cautious with impulsive purchases and focus on budgeting and saving.

4. Aesthetic and Creative Endeavors

Venus's influence extends to artistic expression and creativity. During retrograde, you may find renewed inspiration for creative projects or experience a change in your artistic direction.

How to Navigate Venus Retrograde

While Venus in Retrograde may seem like a cosmic puzzle, there's no need to fear its effects. Instead, embrace this period as an opportunity for growth and transformation. Here are some tips to navigate Venus in Retrograde:

  1. Self-Reflection: Use this time to dig deep into your emotions and inner thoughts. Journaling, meditation, or counseling can be valuable tools for self-reflection.

  2. Effective Communication: Misunderstandings may arise in relationships during this period. Open and honest communication can help clear the air and foster better connections.

  3. Patience and Flexibility: Be patient with yourself and others. Recognize that this period is transient and that challenges can lead to positive outcomes.

  4. Indulge in Creativity: Embrace your artistic side and channel your energy into creative pursuits. This can be a cathartic and rewarding experience.


Set Up Venus in Retrograde Protection Ward


    1. Blessed Salt: Salt symbolizes friendship and hospitality. Blessed salt protects
                              against evil 

    2. Lime: associated with love, healing and protection
    3. Glass Cup
    4. Water: associated with emotions and cleansing 

Center yourself by taking 3 deep breaths. 

Take your lime and connect with it's spirit cut the lemon in shape of a cross, place in the cup. Take 3 pinches of blessed salt and call in your protection. Fill the cup with water half way and place under your bed. Check on it within 5 days and throw the water out down the toilet not the lime. If the lime is moldy place entire contents into a black trash bag and throw away far from your home. Dispose of either train tracks our at the cross roads (don't forget to pay the land spirits) make sure you state that it not follow you home. Don't look back and keep walking. 


As we bid farewell to Venus in Retrograde, we leave with a deeper understanding of this captivating celestial event. While astrology offers intriguing insights into planetary movements, remember that our lives are not solely governed by the stars. Embrace Venus in Retrograde as a time of introspection, personal growth, and exploration. By navigating its influence with mindfulness and positivity, we can make the most of this celestial spectacle. Happy stargazing and cosmic pondering!

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