Lemons Spiritual Use in Energy Healing

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The spiritual and metaphysical associations of Lemons...

The magical and spiritual properties of the abundant Lemon are associated with feminine energy, the moon, the element water, and the overall magical power that they hold is one of longevity and purification.

What is the cultural significance of Lemons?

Lemons are a staple in Mexican spiritual traditions they are utilized as a tool for removing unwanted energies. The lemon acts as a vessel for absorbing and cutting negative energy, which can lead to the revitalize of the individuals energy. 

In Hoodoo it is said to have a dual purpose one as a cleansing agent and another as a way to reflect back evil eye to the sender because its shape resembles that of an eye. 

How can lemons be used spiritually?

Regardless of spiritual tradition, lemons can be used as a cleansing agent helping rid a person of unwanted energies or used as a vessel to cut ties between people by turning the relationship "sour".

Additionally, lemons can also be harnessed as a tool for cleansing of your sacred spiritual tools such as cauldrons, copper bowls, tongs, and other items that are going to be used in a particular ritual to rid it of any unwanted energies. 

One way to use lemons to remove unwanted energies is to use a lemon as an offering with a 7 day Novena candle such as a Limpia, Del Retiro, Destroy All, Miracle Healing, Go Away Evil candle to absorb any negative energy associated with the issue in question. 

Another way to use lemons is to remove the dense energy caused by conflicts and arguments in a home. Cut up a lime using fourths or halves (using odd portions like 3s & 5s), add cloves, and salt to lemon portions. Placing them on a cleansed (use florida water, palo, santo or sage) dish on your altar and praying that it purify the space of any unwanted energies. Leave out the portions for either 7 or 9 days.

How do you dispose of Lemons after a Limpia?

Regardless of its wonderful uses, when a lemon or any sacred tool has been used to absorb negative energy, always, always handle with gloves or use stainless steel tongs. The last thing that you want to happen when removing energy is to reabsorb what has been removed or take on someone else's energy.

Whenever you utilize an object to act as a vessel to absorb or remove energies ALWAYS HANDLE WITH GLOVES stainless steel tongs. Then follow up with using FLORIDA WATER, holy water, or alcohol to cleanse your tools. 

Failure to handle the object properly can cause you to re-abosrb the energy this also goes if you removed energy form someone else, you'll run the risk of taking on the negative energy.   

Once you are done, simply THANK the spirit of the lemon and discard of it in the trash bin far away from your home.

There is a lot of controversy surrounding what to do with foods after a ritual some folk and traditions believe that you should bury them. However, there is nothing wrong with disposing in a trash bin. So long as it is far away enough from you home. 

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  • Can lemon break every marine spirit in someone Life
    Can lemon remove darkness and dark cloud in someone Lifes

    Modupeola Taoidat Balogun on

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