The Power of Black Candles: Harnessing Spiritual Healing with Black Candles

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In the realm of spiritual healing, various practices have been used across cultures and traditions to bring about balance, peace, and empowerment. One such tool that has stood the test of time is the candle magic. Despite its association with darkness, the black candle possesses unique properties that can be harnessed for healing and transformation. In this blog, we will explore the significance of black candles in spiritual healing and how they can be utilized to promote healing, protection, and personal growth.

Do black candles make you uncomfortable?

Often when people see a black prayer candle their common reaction is to FREAK OUT! Se Persignan rapido! (Make the sign of the cross over oneself quickly)

At first glance, Black candles tend to illicit thoughts of "EVIL or Brujeria" (Witchcraft) and del Diablo (the sign of the devil!). 

These feelings are nothing to be ashamed of as they are a reflection of the conditioning that our society has taught us to only view through a black and white lens. It shows us that there is work to be done in order to see the gray.  

The Symbolism of Black Candles:

As humans we like to think in binaries in terms of black and white.  Black novena candles usually tend to stir up these negative feelings because of the ways in which we were socialized. As a result we tend to view the world through a polarized lens. This polarization stems from the ways in which we as humans tend to think of things on poles "up" and "down", "push" and "pull", "good" and "bad". 

Our polarized world view through our socialization within our specific culture results in a categorical form of thinking. Resulting in an automatic thought process our automatic brain takes the lead towards rapid associations on either side of the pole. As such black gets labeled and categorized into a box. We humans tend to see it as "dark" and "mysterious" because of our human nature to fear what we don't know, it is therefore least likely to be associated with things that we deem as being "good". 

Because we fear what we don't know...

When we don't know we fear...

When we fear something our survival instincts kick in and thus we categorized as "negative" or "bad".

Black candles are often misunderstood due to their association with negativity or fear. However, in the realm of spirituality, black holds profound symbolic meaning. It is the color of the universe's mysteries, representing the void, the unknown, and transformation. Black candles act as a potent conduit between the physical and spiritual realms, helping to unlock hidden wisdom and delve into the depths of our subconscious mind.

What is the meaning of black candles metaphysically?

Applying this logic to when people see a black candle, they are unconsciously and instantaneously afraid of it, consciously believing that a black candle will release negative energies. 

The candle with this thinking becomes a vessel for dark forces. In energy work we believe that we create our own realities by the ways in which we think and project that into our conscious world. 

  1. Absorbing and Releasing Negativity: Just as darkness absorbs all colors, black candles are believed to absorb negative energies, emotions, and obstacles that hinder spiritual growth. Burning a black candle with focused intent can aid in purging these negativities from our lives. Once these energies are absorbed, the black candle transforms them, making space for positive energies and healing to enter.

  2. Protection and Warding Off Negativity: Beyond absorbing negativity, black candles are also renowned for their protective qualities. When lit with intention, they create a shield of energy that safeguards us from external negative influences. Placing black candles at entrances or windows can act as a barrier against harmful energies, shielding our living spaces from unwanted vibrations.

  3. Channeling Inner Strength and Empowerment: Spiritual healing involves not just the release of negativity but also the cultivation of inner strength and empowerment. Black candles can be used in meditation and ritual practices to connect with the hidden aspects of ourselves, fostering personal growth and self-awareness. By facing our shadows and embracing our true nature, we can unlock untapped potential and embrace a deeper sense of empowerment.

  4. Connection with the Ancestors and Spirit World: In many cultures, black candles are used as a means to communicate with the spirit world and honor the ancestors. The black flame acts as a bridge between the living and the departed, facilitating messages, guidance, and wisdom from the beyond. Such practices can be deeply comforting and provide a sense of continuity with our lineage.

How can I begin to open myself to deeper meaning of black candles?

If we begin to think about where those fear based thoughts come from and how they make us feel we can begin to change our experiences and understanding. 

With this understanding, I would invite you to consider a different perspective.

What then if I said to you, that the candle color significance of black represents the absence of color? The color black is actually the void of both feminine & masculine energy.

Because it being a void of both these energies it then doesn’t emit any energy.

It doesn't release any energy. Contrary to popular belief this makes it is a great color to utilize for absorbing unwanted energies.

That is why we often see it as the primary color used in protection workings such as Tapa Boca Protection From Enemies, Del RetiroBlock Buster, Jinx Remover etc.,

The absence or void of color and void of energies allows the candle to become a vessel for the absorption of the evil eye energies that the client may have absorbed and or taken on when they are the target of someone else's envy. 

How do you feel when you see a black candle?

With this information, I invite you to reflect on your feelings: 

How do you react when you see a black candle?, where do they stem from?, where did you learn to associate the color black with "bad",

Further, I invite you to reflect on: how can you challenge those notions?

As always use your own intuition & discernment when working your magic. If you’ve been conditioned to believe in the former over the latter then trust that feeling. It is definitely possible to use a black candle to summon forces and as always it depends on who is casting the magic. 


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In the world of spiritual healing, black candles stand as powerful allies, despite their initial perception as symbols of darkness. They hold the potential to aid in releasing negativity, offering protection, and channeling inner strength. By embracing the symbolism of black, we can delve into the deepest parts of ourselves, seeking transformation and spiritual growth. As with any spiritual practice, the key lies in intention, focus, and respect for the ancient wisdom held within these enigmatic candles. So, the next time you light a black candle, remember the profound journey it can take you on - a journey of spiritual healing and self-discovery.

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