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Hi y’all welcome to Shop Cosmic Healing LLC!!

I am glad that you chose my shop to assist you on your journey. 

This is a curated Bótanica Shop where you can find some of my personal favorite products. 

Allow me to introduce my self 👋

For those that prefer labels my preference is #CatholicBruja
I’m an intuitive and thus don’t rely on divination tools to connect me to the divine. As a clairaudient, I pick up messages from the frequency in the client’s voice. 

I’ve been doing this sacred work for over 12 years. I am grateful to have incarnated in this life time to assist you. 

My spiritual journey began at the age of 15, where I began working for a Voodoo priest. While there I served as a vessel for many Voodoo deities bringing much profound healing.

I have since then, moved away from that tradition. My focus now is to work directly within my Ancestral lineage to bring healing to generational traumas. My healing is channeled through my Mexican Ancestral lineage & Catholic Saints to bring forth healing on a soul level. I tap into energy!

I enjoy conducting limpias with cigars and spiritual baths.

This shop was started as a way to bring healing during these tumultuous times! 
And as a way to assist myself as a first generation Latina in graduate school.

During this pandemic, I found myself having to rely on what I know spiritually and metaphysically to get me through. It was time to return to my roots and expand my ability to bring healing. 

It is both an honor and a privilege to work with others that seek to bring spiritual upliftment! 

As well as being able to work with my gift to be an agent of change within my own lineage. I come from a traditional Mexican lineage where the women before me were relegated to the domestic sphere. 

As a vessel for breaking generational barriers, traumas, and wounds I exemplify profound healing. 

This solar return the planet Venus is particularly highlighted in my astrological/natal chart. Which means that healing & empowering women has been my ultimate focus this year. Assisting women in shedding traumas stored in the womb has been a highlight of my work thus far.

Restoring women to their Divine Feminine power has been the most rewarding experience.

Additionally, highlighted is the planet Jupiter the planet that rules luck and expansion. Through this placement I have been able to provide much healing through money manifesting and business expansion during this solar return for my clients.  

I am grateful to all who trust me in assisting them return to the love that exists within themselves. 

We are having our first Giveaway!

To celebrate having a successful 400+ sales on our Etsy site & to kick of the Spring Equinox (astrological new year) we are launching our own website to host all of our wonderful products! 

What are we giving away?

  1. Sage bundle (4 inch)
  2. Blue Sage 
  3. Sage with Rosemary 
  4. Abalone Shell (3inch) 
  5. Selenite Quartz Standing Crystal point - Cleansing & Purification
  6. Amethyst Quartz - Calmness, Peace, & Balance 
  7. Citrine - Solar Plexus Chakra, Happiness & Wealth

How to enter our Giveaway!

Give Away Rules:

Follow us on our instagram: @Cosmichealingllc

1. Tag & Share our post in your stories

2. Tag 3 friends in the comments that would like to participate 

4. Extra Entry for subscribing to our email list (optional)


Winner announced on 3/27/2021

Best of luck!!

Peace & Blessings to All,

Asé ✨🧿✨🧿✨🧿✨

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