FAQs & Additional Policies

  • What is the difference between a blessed and plain item?

Regarding our jewelry (bracelets, rosaries, necklaces) & charms you may purchased a blessed amulet or purchase it plain as is without it being charged.

In energy work, an object can become a talisman and charged with energies that are to protect the wearer. For instance all evil eye products must hold energy in order to deflect and repel evil eye. If it has not been energized it is simply ineffective to ward off the energy sent to the wearer. When empty they hold no power.

To have an item blessed you must purchase this service here.

  • Are the items in the shop blessed by a priest?

No, I am an energy worker each item is imbued with Reiki energy and also catholic prayers as they are part of my spiritual tradition.

  • What information is required from buyer for a blessed item?

It is required that the buyer submit full name & DOB of the wearer (for bracelets) and full name and DOB of home owner for protection items.

This info must be submitted to shop via the seller notes section from our shop cart.

It is the buyers responsibility to submit this information, failure to follow instruction and provide full (First, Middle, Last name & DOB) details will result in receiving a plain item.

Buyer may find this information in the item description & again at check out with the customization box and again here in our FAQ.


  • What is candle Magic?

Candle Magic is used to empower the alchemy of magical consciousness since ancient times, candle magic is one of the simplest forms of spell casting. Considered sympathetic magic, anyone can light a candle, declare his or her intention, and cast it out into the arms of the Universe to influence reality.

Candle magic is an age-old, powerful form of spell work, because it harnesses the intense energy of fire. Of all the elements, fire burns the brightest and demands the most immediate attention. As it licks at the air, it consumes the existing energy and expels its own creation in the form of of smoke.

It is based on 3 key principles:
- Deciding on a goal
- Visualize the end result
- Focus your intent, or will, to manifest that result

  • What is a dressed/blessed candle?

A dressed candle is one that has been fixed, dressed, prayed-over, and fully prepared with herbs and oils to aid in the manifestation of a specific intention.

  • How can I purchase a prepared candle/ dressed candle?

In order to purchase a prepared candle you must first schedule a consultation, this will ensure that the most accurate energy is utilized to prepare your candles.

To purchase a prepared candle please click this link. Please note we appreciate the interest in working with Rafaela however, not all dressed candle requests will be accepted. Each situation is unique and some may require more than others.

  • What is an Altar service?

Not sure how to dress & work candles? If you CANNOT perform candle work in your home then this is the service for YOU!

The following special services are offered with Glass Encased Candles:

-All glass encased candles will be fixed, dressed, prayed-over, and fully prepared.
-When your candle has completed its burn, you will receive a brief Divinatory Candle Report telling you the outcome of our work done on your behalf. The report will be sent to you via email hello@shopcosmichealing.com

Please submit a request, prior to purchasing to confirm availability as my books fill up or are closed due to spiritual maintenance.  

  • How much is shipping?

Our shipping is calculated based on item weight and the price will be reflected in the cart during the checkout process. Please be mindful that our glass candles weigh over 1lb & as such shipping costs may be higher.

  • What is your shipping carrier? 

We ship USPS & UPS and reserve the right to adjust shipping carriers/services to offset any difference in cost.** Items less than 1lb ship First Class Mail 3-5 business days with the  exception of Colognes, Spiritual Waters & Fragrances which must be shipped via Ground Shipping within continental U.S. items over 1lb generally ship priority mail 1-3 days or Ground 2-8 days (best rate available)Please make sure the shipping address is error-free as refunds will not be issued to orders with incorrect address information.

  • How can I track my package?

Please be sure to check your email for your tracking number and information. The tracking information available at USPS and UPS is the most up to date information. 


  • What are you shipping times?

All of our packages ship out daily at 12 PM PST or unless otherwise posted via banner on our website home page. 

.:. Coupon Codes: will not be applied to orders previously placed prior to code start date. If you have a code please be sure and type it in during checkout that way you can ensure that your discount is applied!.:.

Please note that by purchasing from my shop you have acknowledged & agreed to all of my shop policies.
.:All of our content belongs to us Cosmic Healing LLC. and it is subject to our copyright. 
.: You must be 18 years or older to shop with us.
.:Use safety precautions and common sense around any open flame. Be sure to use caution and not place any aerosol cans near or around an open flame. 
.: Keep away small stones and jewelry away from children as this may be a choking hazard:. 

.:All of our products including crystals, herbs, and other items sold on this website are sold as CURIO only and healing descriptions are not intended to treat or diagnose and should not be to contradict any medical advice:.

.:All spiritual readings of any type given in-person or over the phone are meant to be for entertainment purposes only, and in no way constitute legal, financial, medical, or other advice:.