Divine Feminine Power & Self Love Kit

This Self Love Kit was created to draw to you your personal power! Cosmic Goddess Bath for Divine Feminine healing of the inner Goddess that resides within us all. This spiritual bath can be used to cleanse your aura of the heavy past & all that has served its time! This ritual is not intended to bring in a lover or to sweeten someone! (However once you call back your power your soulmate may have an easier time making their way to you).

It is intended to call back your divine power that may have been left behind with past partners, family, and situations where you were left behind feeling unworthy. It releases hurts that prevent yourself from loving yourself fully.

Utilizing sacred herbs to bring forth healing. This bath has been imbued with powerful prayers and a special blend of herbs created with the intention to bring forth connection to your Divine Feminine energy and bring Healing of the Inner Goddess. It has been created with the intention of lifting away all that has served its time and to bring in new opportunities for positive energy, love, & healing.

The herb mixture utilized to create this oil was channeled after working with Our Lady of Guadalupe during her Novena December 2020. The rose petals used in this bath are from our own garden, the fresh herbs were offered to Venus & ancestors altars. Then dried and kept until guided on the right time to utilize their energy.


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