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Welcome to our online Botánica Shop, a nurturing space founded by a Latina Womban entrepreneur in the heart of Los Angeles. Here, you'll discover a haven of healing products designed to support you at any point on your personal journey. Immerse yourself in our collection of spiritual candles, including Botanica-style esoteric and religious candles. From candles of love and luck to 7-day devotional candles, we offer a diverse array of options including candles dedicated to revered Saints and even reversible candles for special purposes.

Discover the transformative effects of our spiritual sprays, essences, and aromas. Unveil the efficacy of our prepared candles and find resonance with our amulets, talismans, and sacred Santo necklaces. Elevate your surroundings with statuary and images of revered Saints, each carrying their own unique spiritual resonance.

We're more than a shop; we're a sanctuary where spiritual seekers, healers, and those seeking connection can find a wide spectrum of tools and products to enrich their journey. Come explore, embrace, and elevate your spirituality with us.


Cosmic Healing, tu botánica de veladoras espirituales esotéricas y religiosas de confianza. Nos complace ofrecer una amplia gama de productos espirituales que abarcan desde veladoras de amor y suerte hasta veladoras de santos, así como una variedad de productos esenciales para tus prácticas espirituales.

Nuestra pasión por brindar soluciones espirituales y productos de alta calidad nos impulsa a ofrecer veladoras de 7 días, inciensos fragantes, colonias y aceites espirituales, jabones perfumados y una gama diversa de productos que te ayudarán a conectar con lo divino y encontrar el equilibrio en tu vida.

Explora nuestras veladoras de 7 días, sumérgete en la fragancia de nuestros inciensos y descubre la magia de nuestras colonias y aceites espirituales. Ya sea que estés buscando velas preparadas, amuletos, talismanes o collares de santos, estamos aquí para acompañarte en tu viaje espiritual y proporcionarte los elementos necesarios para tus prácticas sagradas.

En Nuestra Botanica Cosmic Healing, entendemos la importancia de contar con productos auténticos y de alta calidad para nutrir tu conexión espiritual. Nuestra selección cuidadosamente curada incluye estatuas e imágenes de santos que te servirán de inspiración y guía en tu camino espiritual.

Nos enorgullecemos de ser un recurso confiable y auténtico para aquellos que buscan productos espirituales significativos. Ya sea que estés buscando veladoras de amor para fortalecer tus lazos emocionales o veladoras de suerte para atraer energías positivas a tu vida, estamos comprometidos con tu satisfacción espiritual y bienestar.

Te invitamos a explorar nuestra variedad de productos, permitiéndonos ser parte de tus prácticas espirituales y ayudarte a encontrar la conexión y la armonía que buscas. Gracias por confiar en nosotros como tu botánica espiritual de elección.

Paz y bendiciones, Cosmic Healing

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Veladoras de 7 dias, Incensos, colonias, Jabones perfumes, aceites, polvos, spray esencias, aromas, velas preparadas, amuletos, talismanes, collares de santos, estatua e imagenes de Santos, y mucho mas!

Meet the Curandera 

Shop Cosmic Healing Owner and CEO Curandera Roxy

Rafaela is a Curandera, practicing Quantum Healing & Mexican Folk Magic which incorporates both Catholic prayer & Indigenous practices into healing through the Ancestral. She began practicing as spiritual healer at the young age of 15 with over 15 years of experience. She genuinely cares and loves to help clients shift their holistic wellness through the transforming the mental, physical, and spiritual bodies.

This shop was birthed in 2019 originally selling products on a small scale through instagram stories to a close community. Rafaela recognized the strong need to bring products to help protect our energies and replenish our spirit during these tumultuous and fear laden times. The call to awaken the collective and be a guide for others is what Roxy committed to as a healer in this lifetime. 

She genuinely cares and loves to help clients shift their holistic wellness through the transforming the mental, physical, and spiritual bodies.

She created this shop as a space to provide you with essential spiritual tools to help you cleanse your energy, create candle rituals, protect your energy using amulets for your home or carry on your person, bring to you crystal healing jewelry, crystals, tools for ancestral veneration and many more ways to learn to empower yourself raise your vibrations and uplift your spirit regardless of what is going on with the matrix!!

Thanks for visiting us we appreciate it!