Hanging Brass Charcoal Burner with Stand 3.75"H

Brass Hanging Censer Burner, Incense Burner, Altar Burner, Temple Censer, Cone Incense Burner

Standing on table top 3.75"H
Hanging Size 8.5"H length and fits 44mm charcoal (large)
Fits 33mm charcoal (small)

Plain: You may purchase the single burner sold as "plain"
Charcoal: 3 kings Charcoal 33mm charcoal (small)
Charcoal with Tongs: Tongs are available with Etched Divine Goddess Symbol

It is necessary to place the burner on a heat resistant surface.
Even with sand beneath the charcoal, the brass will still get hot.
Do NOT touch the burner with bare hands until the charcoal has been out for a while.

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