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Understand the Mysteries of Working With St. Judas Thaddeus

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How to work with the Catholic Saint San Judas Tadeo


Before beginning to work with any Saint or Deity you must first know the background of the energy you are invoking. This is not intended to exhaustive, comprehensive, or to be your only source, however, it should be sufficient to get you acquainted and familiar with the energy. 

Who is San Judas?

San Judas Thaddeus is one of the 12 Apostles to serve with Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. They were close relatives, which is why they have similar facial features. Typical imagery of St. Jude often includes a flame above his head, which represents his presence at Pentecost, when he accepted the Holy Spirit alongside the other apostles.

What is Saint Jude known for and What does San Judas Tadeo do? 

For many years, he was confused with Judas Iscariot, who betrayed Our Lord and as a direct result of such confusion Judas Thaddeus was falsely despaired because of Judas Iscariot's great sin. When San Judas was finally petitioned for help he was beyond  eager to show his gratitude and came through for his petitioners in impossible ways. 

Which has made San Judas Tadeo known as the patron saint of impossible causes. He is also the ruler of the threshold (emotional, mental, volatile aspects) and as such can makes him an excellent deity to be called upon as a guide through difficulties. 

Why is St. Jude the saint of lost causes

The story goes that Saint Bridget of Sweden, the patroness of Europe, wrote that Jesus advised her to turn to Saint Jude Thaddeus for favors that seemed hard to fulfill. This is how he became the patron saint of impossible causes.

His popularity as a saint in Mexico rose during the 1980s. San Judas' notoriety is unrivaled only that of La Virgen de Guadalupe & the folk saint La Santa Muerte can compete with the love that the Mexican people have for San Juditas.

Is San Judas Tadeo a Narco Saint?

Over time the term "lost causes" became loosely interpreted by the people to mean society's rejects (personas pérdidas al camino de dios ) such as criminals, drug dealers, thieves, etc.

In 2008 the Archdiocese of Mexico City released a statement concerning the unorthodox practices of those seeking his assistance in ways that are against christian morals. Stating that the people copied his image from those depicted in Italy and changed his staff from his right side to his left side.

In Catholicism the left hand is considered to be symbolic of evil. Within Western esotericism, the left-hand path and the right-hand path stand as contrasting methodologies in the realm of magic. In certain interpretations, the left-hand path aligns with malevolent black magic, while the right-hand path aligns with benevolent white magic.  

Therefore, some believe that when St. Jude is represented with the staff in his left hand, he is open to prayers and petitions (mischievous) that he would never consider with the staff at his right because it is not within the morals of the Catholic church. 

San Judas carries a staff or sometimes an axe, symbolizing his martyrdom when his head was tragically severed. However, many interpret his staff as a sign of his readiness to take decisive action for his faithful followers. Within the diverse devotees of Mexico and in the United States, encompassing delinquents, addicts, thieves, and an array of individuals on the fringe of society, San Judas has been embraced and believed to extend his protection to even those deemed most unworthy. It's a belief that he shields even the most marginalized thieves, ensuring them a shielded path through adversity or the grasp of the law. 

Saint Jude can be effectively petitioned for help with hopeless cases, to help someone get off drugs, to help criminals stay out of jail and, help someone get out of jail among many others. 

The archdiocese commemorates the feast day of Saint Jude while emphatically asserting that Judas Thaddaeus is not a patron of delinquency or drug trafficking, and bears no association with Santa Muerte in any manner. 

Unveiling the Hidden Realities of San Judas Tadeo...  

While the church has not officially confirmed this, there is a belief that they embrace the veneration of San Judas as a means to engage younger generations and counter the veneration of La Santa. The archdiocese not only celebrates the saint's day but also emphasizes that Judas Thaddaeus is not a patron associated with delinquency, drug trafficking, or any connection to Santa Muerte.

According to a researcher at UNAM, it's believed that the Church employs this form of veneration as a way to counter the reverence given to Santa Muerte.

San Judas Tadeo's exceptional ability to fulfill petitions of great significance and his gentle nature make seeking his guidance a preferred choice over that of La Santa Muerte. San Judas willingly extends his help to those who might be marginalized by society and to those whose actions might challenge traditional church morals.

Furthermore, he possesses the ability to grant seemingly impossible requests, a realm for which Santa Muerte is also invoked. San Judas embodies a much more compassionate deity compared to La Santa, who can exhibit a more intense and vengeful disposition when provoked (given her embodiment of death itself). She does not take kindly to empty promises and unfulfilled commitments. 

Why is San Judas the Saint of Money Problems? 

The profound fervor for this saint in Mexico and among Mexican-American's remains an enigma, yet some attribute it to his remarkable appearance. Adorned with a golden medallion gracing his neck, depicting the face of Christ, many of his devotees interpret it as a symbol that of a gold coin, turning to him as the patron saint to seek solace in matters of monetary and financial hardship.

What Candle Colors Should Be Offered to San Judas

When petitioning a saint is is best to know the colors associated with each saint to best help you invoke their energy.
The candle colors that you may offer St. Jude should be green, white, and r
ed, seven colors, and or pink and green. 

What does the Color of the San Judas Tadeo Candle mean, and what color should the candle be for the Just Judge?

The color of the San Judas candle plays a significant role. The choice of color may vary depending on the specific intention of the petition.

For example:

Red San Judas Candle: Symbolizing energy, strength, passion, physical health, love, personal relationships, and understanding with others. It is used to seek protection against enemies and ill-intentioned individuals.

White Just Judge Candle: Used to invoke divine help in legal and judicial situations. Associated with the balance of all colors, it emits a highly positive and powerful vibration and can be used as a substitute for any color. It can also be used for inner peace, strength and wisdom to face overwhelming and difficult situations

Green San Judas Candle: Used for work and business situations. It is believed that the San Judas listens to the petitions of those who use this candle, guiding them towards fair and equitable solutions in work-related matters.


Pink and Green San Judas Candle: Use to assist you in gaining employment.

Seven color candle: The seven-color candle is a candle that has seven layers of different colors, each with a special meaning. It is a way to symbolize diversity and unity in a single candle.


Given the relevance of color in the candle, it is essential to carefully consider the intention of the petition when choosing the appropriate tone. Using the San Judas candle with faith and devotion will enhance the likelihood of achieving the best results.

What is the meaning of each candle color?

Meaning of each candle color: Below, we explain the meaning of each layer of the seven-color candle:

  1. Red: Represents the passion and energy necessary to achieve our goals.

  2. Orange: Symbolizes creativity and joy, as well as material prosperity.

  3. Yellow: Represents wisdom and intelligence, as well as light and mental clarity.

  4. Green: Symbolizes nature and harmony, as well as personal and spiritual growth.

  5. Blue: Represents tranquility and inner peace, as well as communication and the expression of our feelings.

  6. Indigo: Symbolizes intuition and extrasensory perception, as well as a connection with the divine.

  7. Violet: Represents transmutation and transformation, as well as the development of spirituality.

When is San Judas Tadeo's Feast Day

His Feast day (sort of like a birthday) is October 28th and his day of the week is Sunday, which is the day of the week that is ruled by the Sun.

What are San Judas Tadeo offerings

He is a simple saint that does not need much outside of being publicly thanked for his help. This means he would love nothing more than to be posted on social media where you can boast about him. Tell all your friends and loved ones about the wonderful things he has done to help you. This helps to ensure people know about his wonderful deeds and that he does not go forgotten once more. When making offerings St. Judas enjoys shiny pennies, Florida water, and flowers. He does not like to indulge in alcoholic libations, however, if you chose to do so, do so sparingly. You may also offer him incense such as Myrrh, Cinnamon, Money Drawing, Frankincense, Attract clients.


What is the Spiritual Meaning of San Judas Tadeo offerings

  • Attracts Money Incense: Use to attract prosperity, good fortune  your way. Never be broke again and attain good luck for all purposes in your life! 
  • Call Clients Incense: Use  for entrepreneurs and business owners, this incense beckons forth valuable clients and fosters a steady flow of business.  
  • Cinnamon Incense: Use for money drawing, luck, and love, for spicing things up, and summoning benevolent spirits to offer their assistance. 
  • Clove Incense: Use for breaking stagnant vibrations and bringing in abundance
  • Gold Rain Incense: Use to have great luck when going to the casino to play any gambling game, even fast luck in BINGO!
  • Dragon's Blood Incense: Use for stubborn and long lasting problems, protection, strength, power, and money problems.
  • Frankincense Incense: Use to answer prayers and gain favor with Good Spirits, peace of mind
  • Florida Water: Use for spiritual cleansing, protection and bringing positive energy to your altar and person. 

How to do a San Judas Novena?

Nine in numerology signifies completion the end and closing of cycles offering the potential to create something new. By praying to San Judas for 9 straight days you will be able to get him to absorb the answers from the spiritual realm. Offering candles illuminates his path so that he is able to offer guidance and wisdom. When conducting a novenas always replace the candle before it runs out and you'll see rapid changes. 

Prayer to San Judas Tadeo 

Whenever you find yourself feeling hopeless or desperate light a San Judas candle and pray: 

"Most holy apostle St. Jude, faithful servant and friend of Jesus, I am so helpless and alone. I implore you to bring visible and speedy help. Come to my assistance in my great need. I will be ever mindful of this great favor and always honor you as my special and powerful patron".

How to pray to Saint Jude

Praying to Saint Jude, the patron saint of lost causes and desperate situations, is a meaningful and traditional practice for those seeking help and intercession in challenging times. Here is a simple guide on how to pray to Saint Jude:


  1. Create a Sacred Space:

    • Find a quiet and comfortable place where you can focus without distractions.
    • Consider lighting a candle or placing an image or statue of Saint Jude to create a sacred atmosphere.
  2. Center Yourself:

    • Take a few moments to center yourself through deep breaths or a short meditation. Clear your mind and open your heart to the divine.

The Prayer:

  1. Begin with the Sign of the Cross:

    • Start your prayer by making the Sign of the Cross, invoking the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
  2. Invocation:

    • Begin by invoking Saint Jude with a simple prayer, expressing your intentions and seeking his intercession. You might say:

      "Saint Jude, glorious apostle, faithful servant and friend of Jesus, I come to you in my time of need. Please intercede for me and bring my petitions before the throne of God."

  3. Pray the Novena:

    • Saint Jude is often invoked through a Novena, a nine-day prayer. You can recite a standard novena prayer or create your own, expressing your specific needs and desires.
  4. Traditional Novena Prayer:

    "O Holy St. Jude, apostle and martyr, great in virtue and rich in miracles, near kinsman of Jesus Christ, faithful intercessor of all who invoke your special patronage in time of need. To you, I have recourse from the depth of my heart and humbly beg to whom God has given such great power to come to my assistance. Help me in my present and urgent petition. In return, I promise to make your name known and cause you to be invoked. Amen."

  5. Personal Petitions:

    • Take time to express your personal intentions and concerns. Share your thoughts and feelings with Saint Jude, knowing that he is a compassionate listener.
  6. Closing Prayer:

    • Conclude your prayer with a closing prayer, expressing gratitude for Saint Jude's intercession and confidence in the divine guidance you seek.

Consistency and Faith:

  • Consider repeating the novena for nine consecutive days to demonstrate your devotion and faith in Saint Jude's intercession.
  • Maintain an attitude of trust and openness, believing that your prayers are heard and that Saint Jude is working on your behalf.

Additional Tips:

  • You can personalize your prayer by incorporating specific details about your situation and expressing your feelings sincerely.
  • Consider learning more about Saint Jude's life and miracles to deepen your connection with him.

Remember, prayer is a deeply personal and spiritual practice, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Feel free to adapt these suggestions to suit your own beliefs and preferences.


When all hope is lost San Judas Tadeo is always near to keep you protected and help you come closer to your faith! 

To learn more about Saint Jude see our books.

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If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments below.

Wishing you peace and blessings

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