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Medical Intuitive Reading the Spiritual Source of Health Issues

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In the world of alternative medicine and holistic healing, there exists a unique practice known as medical intuitive reading.

This form of healing is quite different from what you might typically expect from a doctor's visit, as it delves into the realms of spirituality, intuition, and energy healing. But what exactly is a medical intuitive reading, and how does it work?

What is a medical intuitive?

medical intuitive, sometimes called a medical mediums, intuitive healer,  a shaman (as practitioner Shaman Rafaela does), energy healer, light worker, psychic spiritual healer, or medical and spiritual intuitivemedical clairvoyant, is a person who uses their self-described psychic abilities to shed light on how beliefs and emotions might be related to illnesses of the mind and body. 

They are careful to stipulate they don’t replace medical care but augment its treatment for overall health and wellness for those who seek their services.

What is a Medical Intuitive Reading?

A medical intuitive reading is essentially a form of psychic reading focused on identifying the root cause of physical health issues.

Unlike traditional medical diagnoses, which often rely on lab tests and physical examinations, a medical intuitive taps into their intuitive abilities to scan the body and pinpoint energetic blockages that are causing stagnation in the energy body which can lead to health problems in the physical body.

Intuitives like myself believe we can "see" inside the body, identifying organs, tissues, and systems that are be compromised by stagnant energies or energetic/emotional blockages.

How Does it Work?

A medical intuitive reading session typically begins with the client providing little to no information about their health issues. 

I then connect with the client's energy field and, often with the assistance of spiritual guides or angels, starts scanning the body.

Through a combination of clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairsentience (clear feeling), and empathic abilities, I am able to perceive the client's physical state.

During the session, I may receive images, words, sensations, or emotions that provide insights into the client's health.

Which may allow me identify specific organs or systems that are affected, as well as any underlying causes such as trauma, karma, past life beliefs or lessons, subconscious limiting beliefs that are causing infections, toxins, or imbalances.

The goal is to healing through energy to uncover the root cause of the symptoms, rather than just treating the symptoms themselves.

Human Energy Field Healing

The inner healing that I provide as an intuitive healer is one that focuses on rebalancing the chakras contained in each energy body of the human energy field and it's layers.

The human energy field is composed of 7 layers which are found in the egg shaped energy field that surrounds each human.

During a session we are focusing on correcting and repairing the tears/wounds in each layer of the appropriate energy body through distance reiki energy healings.

Through my work I am able to channel with spirit what is the nature of the energy block in the aura of the client and with their guidance restore to balance by repairing and restructuring where necessary.

As with traditional hands on Reiki you may experience clearer energies after one session.

For some clients it may take several sessions to achieve a desired energetic state which is all dependent on the client's specific needs and circumstances.

With each session the client may experience the benefits of spiritual healing such as energetic detoxing of both mind and body, allowing you to experience a calming, grounding effect on the emotions that lasts much longer than the initial sensation. 

Examples of Medical Intuitive Readings

Energy healing what is it? Energy healing allows you to release emotional trauma.

In the world of spirituality emotions are viewed as energetic currents. Spiritualist believe that trauma and difficult emotions can, in fact, become literally stuck energy in the body.

When the body experiences emotions and without a proper way to release the body stores the information causing a dis-ease. A lack of ease in the body is then able manifest itself in a variety of ways.

Consider the case of a young woman who during the final trimester of the long awaited pregnancy of her daughter was diagnosed with uterine cancer.

Conventional treatments had failed to provide emotional relief as to why it was happening during such a happy moment in her life.

During a medical intuitive reading, it was revealed that she had an estranged relationship with her mother who lived overseas.

Her pregnancy with her daughter was a reminder of the estranged relationship with her mother. Her mother's refusal to travel to the states during her baby shower created an immense sadness where she cried for weeks adding to the stress in her body. 

The relationship had become estranged 12 years prior when her mother had disapproved of her marriage. 

Her mother who disproved of her son in law refused to visit her daughter or accept any sort of intents to repair the relationship.

The news of her cancer and treatment starting immediately following the birth of her granddaughter brought her mother to emergency travel overseas. Commencing the  repair of the estranged relationship and bringing a sense of closeness between mother and daughter. 

With this knowledge, the young woman was able to pursue a targeted treatment plan, eventually leading to a full recovery.

In another instance, a client had been off roading in Glamis, CA. While standing around talking with friends she misstepped and twisted her ankle in the desert sand.

The doctor said she tore tendons and would be on crutches for six months to one year.

We were able to scan her body and make the energetic repairs. She was off crutches and walking without any issues within one week.

The Importance of Finding the Source

Can you heal someone with energy? One of the key principles of medical intuitive reading is the belief that addressing the root cause of a health issue is essential for true healing.
While conventional medicine often focuses on symptom management, a medical intuitive aims to identify and resolve the underlying imbalances or dysfunctions in the body.
By doing so, all related symptoms can be alleviated.

Book a medical intuitive reading with Shaman Rafaela to know the source of health problems and what can be done to help fix those health issues and restore you to balance.

Additionally, I am a distance energy healer I am able to connect energetically to you no matter the distance.

While energy healing typically takes place in a physical space, many practitioners are offering services online. This is known as remote healing, distance healing, or distant healing.

Practitioners run their sessions in exactly the same way, except they’re over video.

One of my clients was traveling in London for a week with family while exploring and sight seeing he injured his foot.

He contacted me via email while in his hotel room, I set up a divine healing vortex with my angels to heal the client. I was able to see the bruising on his foot and the next morning was ready to continue seeing London. 

These are a few examples of medical intuitive readings and healings to schedule yours today. 

I look forward to reading for you and assisting you on your wellness journey!

Be Well, 

Shaman Rafaela 

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