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The Bell and the Roman Catholic Church...

If you have ever attended mass at a Roman Catholic church? If so you may have noticed that a bell is rung at a particular moment during the ceremony. Have you ever wondered why?

They are typically used to announce a significant sacred ritual

    What is the Spiritual Significance of a Bell?

    It is believe that the bell's dome represents the vault of heaven above. The bell's flat and circular bottom represents the flat and circular Horizon of the earth.

    The clapper of the bell represents the Tongue, Word, and Voice of Divinity; also known as the Hermetic Logos.

    The empty space within represents all that is contained between heaven and earth.

    It also signifies the duality of the masculine and feminine energies as a representation of their unity female (the bowl) and the male (the clapper or hammer), bells have a unique place in many cultures.

    The scalloped edge of the lip adds a simple detail to this adorable piece.

    How to use a bell in spell work?

    A magic handbell can be used to summon the spirits of the dead.

    They can be used to call in your most Holy & Honorable Ancestors to join you at your ancestor altar. 

    You can use an altar bell for 4 purposes:

    1. To call in Holy & Honorable spirits 
    2. To clear away any negative energies
    3. To open a ritual & prayer 
    4. To close the ritual 

    Ring a Brass Altar Bell before commencing meditation allow its sound to clear any stagnant energy in your space. This is a great alternative to using smoke such as sage, palo santo, sweet grass etc. to clear any space simply ring a bell!

    How to properly ring a bell

    It is believed that the correct method of ringing a bell is with the right hand gripped firmly on the handle, raised and immediately lowered in an arced up-down motion; not side-to-side. 


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