The Healing Powers of Crystals for Healing Wounded Masculine Energy

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Hey y’all! Happy Mars Day (Tuesday) as I promised last week when I showed you all these Phalluses on my stories via Instagram that I would tell you all how to work them for Divine Masculine healing. While I was up late last night working on this blog post, I didn’t publish it. For fear that this would be too controversial and I took the synchronization from @crystal_lion_shop to use today to be controversial and invite you to radically transform your life. In this article we will challenge the cultural norms around gender. Crystal Phalluses are so much more than what meets the eye (physically). We will be discussing the ways that Crystal Phalluses can help you heal energetic traumas surrounding the Divine Masculine.

Does a Crystal Phallus make you uncomfortable?

When we feel uncomfortable it is often a sign that there is a need for work to be done. Reflect on where in your body do you feel uncomfortable? What do you think and feel when you see a Crystal Phallus? How Do you react to it? How do you respond? Do you just HATE them? or Do you love them?

The ways that we respond to any of the above is nothing to be ashamed about our reactions are a reflection of our relationship with the Divine Masculine. They can also reflect the ways in which we are taught to feel shame around our bodies. 

The Feminine in our Society 

The ways in which women are conditioned by our society typically stems from a low vibrational standpoint. Our society reinforces us to stray away from our masculine self when we are told that a strong woman is “intimidating", are “too bossy”, and when we are confident “such a bitch”. Often these comments are said to women by other women, when this occurs we as people have taken on the role of policing agents. These comments while they are simply projections stemming from a place of lack within the person they do however reinforce the ways in which we stray away from our birth right to be energetically balanced as holistic beings.

How Does Society Influence Feelings of Lack?

Instead, what we typically find reinforcement for throughout our lives are reflections of low self-esteem, low self worth, and low confidence to name a few of the ways in which the misalignment manifests. When we operate from this standpoint we are less likely to be willing to embrace our femininity for one and second are less likely to embrace our divinity in divine masculinity. Because we fear that we won’t be honored, seen, or heard by others when we embody our masculinity, yet there is great power to be discovered when we are in balance. 

I invite you to reflect on where in your life you are misaligned and encourage you to embrace your Big Dick energy for radical transformation.

What is Big Dick energy?

Big Dick energy is an energy that we can tap into when we are in need of confidence in our day to day life. It can be called in after a break up when you are feeling that you are misaligned with the masculine energy. 

How to embody Big Dick Energy?

When someone has Big Dick energy they exude confidence that isn't coming from a toxic masculine space. Rather than being associated with arrogance or cockiness it is relaxed and "low key".

Don't be fooled you don't actually need a large penis to have Big Dick energy or an actual penis

Crystal Peens can help you call in Big Dick energy to your life. 

What is a Crystal Phallus?

They are often referred to as a "Crystal Peen", "Fertility Stone" or just "Crystal Penis". And they are just that...a healing crystal shaped like a penis

Crystals come in various shapes and sizes and one of the ways that they can be shaped is into a male sex organ representing the Divine Masculine in its purest form as a way to bring in healing. 

How does a Crystal Penis help bring healing?

A crystal penis can be utilized to help balance the feminine and masculine energy

Whether you identify as male, female, or non binary as humans we hold both masculine and feminine energies regardless of sex organ. The issue for us incarnated beings comes when these energies are out of balance. 

How do Energies Become Misaligned or Out of Balance?

Energies can be out of balance for various reasons. They can be out of balance because we operate more from one energy as opposed to the other due to traumas, wounds, or having too much of one aspect/energy in our natal chart, and not learning how to bring balance to our inner G (energy).

How can a Crystal Peen Reduce Feelings of Lack?

Our holistic being calls for a balance of both our masculine and feminine energies. When our energies are out of balance we are more likely to experience the negative feelings associated with low self worth. These feelings drive us to feel lonely and falsely believe that we need another human to fill the void. When in reality we radiate that energy deep within our core, however, when we fail to recognize it within ourselves we begin to desire and crave it externally. We yearn for the balance and falsely believe that another that exudes that energy outwardly will fill our void. It takes a willingness to look deep within yourself and embrace that aspect and bring self into union with the whole divine self by embracing your masculine energy.

Using a Crystal Peen can help you learn to embody that energy as you carry it with you and ultimately help you become more balanced with your masculine energy.

Which Crystal Should I use?

This depends on what type of healing you are in need of or what energy you would like to increase in your energy field

Which crystal meaning stood out to you from the above list? Typically where our attention goes it is a way for our intuition to guide what we need.  

How Else Can Crystal Phallus be used?

Crystal Peens can be used to call in fertility, creativity, and protection.

Green Aventurine can be used to attract money. Because money holds a feminine energy you may utilize a masculine energy to attract more feminine energy.


If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments below.

Peace and blessings,
Asé  🙏🏼


**DISCLAIMER**: All information contained on this website is meant to be for entertainment purposes only, and in no way constitute legal, financial, medical or other advice. Please consult with your physician or medical professional before inserting any device into your vagina. 

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